With indoor boarding, your horse will be in a 10’ x 12’ rubber-matted  stall which is cleaned daily.

Horses are fed grain and hay morning and night. Inside horses are turned out daily, weather permitting, usually for at least 6 hours per day.

We do not offer outdoor board

stall fronts-001
Individual paddock

We offer an individualized feeding program. We typically use Purina grains such as Impact,  Performance, and Encrich and a range of different hay types depending on the individual horse’s needs. If your horse has special nutritional requirements contact us and we will be happy to work with you. We will gladly order any Purina feed your horse would need. We can feed your horse any additional supplements if you provide them.

Indoor board is $495/(plus tax) a month with an additional $50 per month for individual turn out. Group turn outs are included in the price of board. Termination of the boarding agreement requires a 30 day notice.

Run-in sheds